Salespeople bridge the gap between customer needs and the product that fulfils that need. It’s the job of the salesperson to close the deal by helping the customer make those connections. The best closers keep customers coming back. How do you make sure you keep your closers?

Support Automotive Salespeople in Growth and Development 

From extensive training for new hires to opportunities to quickly get promoted, career growth and development is essential to retaining your best salespeople. Leaders today really have to show employees a clear path to growth by providing training and feedback in real-time. Instead of waiting until annual reviews to address learning opportunities and mistakes, a majority of salespeople prefer ongoing evaluations from management.

A growing number of automotive dealers are investing in learning platforms to better deliver educational resources and training programs. Finally, promote a culture of coaching and mentoring versus an authoritative one. The latter typically creates higher turnover and lowers employee engagement and professional development.

Celebrate Wins Consistently

Employee retention is almost entirely dependent upon job satisfaction and motivation. If you’re already supporting the growth and development of your best salespeople, and they’re still looking for other opportunities, it’s time to focus on improving job satisfaction by celebrating individual and team wins on a regular basis. One of the biggest reasons why sales talent quit is because they feel underappreciated. You can overcome this by recognizing big and small milestones by giving verbal recognition and appreciation awards, like more PTO and free gym memberships to standout employees.

Lastly, promoting a positive company culture is the key to keeping salespeople motivated. It’s important to remember that not all of your employees are going to value the same things. For instance, many people today place a higher priority on scheduling and location flexibility along with working for socially responsible companies.

Use Technology to Make Sales Easier

The best sales managers are drawn to dealers that use technology to make sales easier. From automating sales processes to providing other wireless tools that enable your employees to multitask and complete sales quicker, organizations can retain their best salespeople by leveraging modern technology to improve training and complete job responsibilities. Then, sales teams can also use it to boost collaboration, improve brand asset management and make lead follow ups much more efficient.

In conclusion, you can either continue paying the high price of hiring the wrong automotive salespeople, which can add up to over a $100,000 per employee, or you can start staying ahead of the problem with these retention strategies that will cost much less in the long run.

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