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When To Hire A Controller?

Things such as filing taxes, tracking revenue, staying on top of receivables and accounts payable, managing employee reimbursements, and administering payroll are all crucial to your business. While it is relatively easy to manage these business tasks in automotive company operations, it can get challenging and increasingly complex as your business grows. Also, these tasks can sidetrack you from the more critical revenue-generating activities that need your attention. So, how can you stay in control of your organization's finances in a fiercely competitive automotive sector? What level of financial management facilitation do you require at the current point in your business lifecycle? [...]

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Keywords To Include In Your Automotive resume

The automotive industry is full of opportunities for many professionals, from financial analysts to IT engineers, marketing experts, graphic designers, and more. This sector employs more than1.7 million people with even more hopefuls looking for a job. So if you are into transportation and cars and feel like pursuing a career in this industry, perhaps it's the right time to look for a new job. It's possible to showcase your skills on an automotive resume as long as you select the right words. So here are some important keywords and phrases to incorporate in your CV to make it irresistible to potential [...]

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How to Spot a Stellar Automotive Service Manager

Are you struggling to find an ideal Automotive Service Manager who can operate both online and offline? Is it hard to figure out which manager will work best for you? Well, do not worry! Autopeople is here to help you. Having a manager with lots of experience is not enough! Rather, you want somebody who is a great fit in terms of skills and personality who can handle the different parts of the job perfectly. Hiring the right person to manage your department effectively is crucial for your organization’s success. To help you with that, we will explain the qualities your next [...]

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Change Your Mindset to Help Your Sales Team

The majority of managers in the automotive industry appreciate excellent performance with one thing: money. If a salesperson sells X number of cars, he will simply be paid X dollars. However, cash isn’t the only motivational factor. If you desire better outcomes, it is imperative to go deeper and explore what motivates automotive workers to flourish. In the automotive industry, you must devise a unique incentive strategy that’s fascinating and enjoyable. To help your sales team, bring encouragement to the next level by some mindset changes. 5 Incredible Mindset Changes to Help Your Sales Team: Use the Strength of Recognition Recognition for [...]

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Why Auto Dealerships are Increasingly Using Recruiters

Running an auto dealership is no easy task. Multiple facets need constant attention, and while juggling all these tasks can be daunting, the added pressure of hiring can become frustrating. Here are the reasons why auto dealerships are reaching out to recruitment agencies who can take over this time-consuming and expensive process.  First Class Professionalism Automotive recruiters are a team of expert professionals. Dealerships can rest easy when there is a hands-off approach with the recruiters who can handle hiring efficiently. A professional recruiting team can alleviate the stress of the grueling hiring process like scheduling appointments, callbacks, paperwork, negotiating, and screening. [...]

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Improve Onboarding at Your Dealership Using These Guidelines

Unemployment is low; workers have options. Your onboarding process better engage, encourage, and accelerate your team members’ career path from the get-go. Here are some guidelines to make it better. Facilitate a meeting with direct managers on day one. Business leaders have to focus on making positive first impressions on new hires from the start. It’s the direct manager’s responsibility to provide new hires with solid foundations for success. Meet with candidates during their first few days on the job to review all of the standard operating policies at your auto dealership. Then, share a 30-60-90-day plan that clearly outlines job expectations. The first [...]

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