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You Have the Power to Prevent Employee Burnout

Toxic work environments usually share at least one thing in common, a high level of employee burnout. But, when businesses start to focus more on employee retention efforts, they begin to realize various exceptional benefits, including increased production, better morale, and reduced costs. Fortunately, you have the power to prevent employee burnout. First, leaders have to be more proactive about looking for the signs and causes of it. Then, you can use some proven strategies to reduce employee stress and retain more of your top performers. Causes of Employee Burnout Research indicates that these are the top five causes of employee burnout: [...]

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Online Buying Can Change Your Dealership

The internet has revolutionized the way consumers search, review, and purchase products. Businesses have met this demand by providing their products online for existing customers and reaching a broader audience of potential clients. Online buying can change your dealership and the way you do business for the better. If your dealership has not yet taken advantage of the benefits of online buying, you should continue reading to learn about the benefits of this shift in business. Both your dealership and your customers would experience many benefits if they embraced the revolutionary trend of offering customers the option of buying online. How Popular [...]

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How to Ensure the Success of New Managers

Management roles can be stressful for even the most seasoned employees. For new managers, the responsibilities of accomplishing department objectives, evaluations, training, and goals can be overwhelming. Managers are expected to delegate tasks effectively, have good people skills, and do well at employee engagement. These skills are linked to employee happiness, which is vital to keeping your business running effectively. We must ensure that we provide the encouragement, support, and tools to ensure the success of new managers. Continue reading to learn the best ways to ensure new management employees are successful. The Importance of a Good Management Team There are many [...]

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Lifestyle is More Important to Gen Z, Family First

Automotive dealerships are quickly becoming a melting pot of employees from different cultures, generations, and backgrounds. Although there are significant benefits to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, it also presents some unique challenges. For instance, many people that are entering the labor market for the first time might have many different values than their predecessors, as evident in comparing baby boomers to millennials and Gen Z. What is it going to take to hire and manage employees that haven’t lived in a world without the Internet? We can start by separating the stereotypes from reality. Then, we can focus on learning [...]

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Dealerships Want More Customer-Focused People

Promoting a customer-focused culture always starts with recruiting the best talent. Service is what sets successful auto dealerships apart from their competition. However, transitioning away from being a sales-focused organization can be challenging because all that matters is the bottom line for many businesses. Unfortunately, many salespeople are trained and even pressured to meet quotas and treat customers like human ATMs to achieve them. A better solution is hiring and training candidates to be customer-focused professionals that focus on the overall needs of your clients. Instead of viewing sales as one-and-done deals, a growing number of companies are increasing their market share [...]

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Should You Place an Ad or Enlist a Recruiter?

So your dealership is on the quest for a new General Sales Manager. Or maybe your Service Manager moved out of state. The big question is, how do you replace these key players in the most effective way? You've looked internally and you've decided that you need to expand your search. Do you post an ad or get help from a management recruiter? There are plenty of free places to post an ad online. But that's part of the problem. It's the world wide web. You have to hope that the right candidates are looking at the website you've posted on the [...]

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