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Preparing Your Car Dealership for a Down Economy

As a car dealership owner or leader, you may be feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about what steps to take next. Let’s break down how to prepare your car dealership for any downturn that may come.

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Want Your Dealership to be a Top Performer? Here’s How Top Performing Auto Dealerships Separate Themselves

Top performing auto dealerships separate themselves by offering digital options, adapting to customer desires, investing in their staff, and more.

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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Car Dealership Industry

Hiring and retaining top talent is challenging for any industry, but it's especially difficult in the auto industry. According to a recent Cox Automotive Dealership Staffing Study, most dealerships aim to expand their headcount. This means that competition for new job candidates is extremely high. The good news is that the percentage of people that do not work in a dealership but are interested in working at a dealership grew from 25% to 36%. Here's more good news: 70% of these people are willing to switch jobs today. So, how can you attract and retain the best employees? Here are some [...]

U.S. Dealership Employee Turnover Drops to Record Low as Compensation Tops $100,000

The study found that average industry turnover was 34 percent in 2021—the lowest level in the 11-year history of the NADA’s annual Dealership Workforce Study.

Automotive Dealership Controller is One of the Hottest Jobs in the Industry – Here’s What Dealers Should Look For

As one of the hottest jobs in the industry, the automotive dealership controller is a valued position, and the compensation for this role shows it. Is it time for you to make this critical hire?

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