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How to Keep Turnover Low at Your Dealership

Employee turnover is typical at many auto dealerships across the country. A recent study even indicated that it’s as high as 67% for salespeople and 40% for other dealership employees. Since most sales associates only stay with dealerships for about two years, the first step to keeping turnover low is learning why employees are leaving. Since the average dealership loses $500,000 per year on expenses directly related to turnover, keeping it low has to be a top priority. Here are some solutions to help overcome it and improve employee retention. Voluntary Turnover What causes salespeople to look for job opportunities elsewhere rather [...]

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Why Hiring Master Automotive Technicians is Important for your Dealership

Industry experts suggest that the demand for master automotive technicians will soon exceed the supply, and by the year 2026, there will be a need for more than 76,000 new mechanics. As a priority for all auto dealerships, the reasons to seek a recruiter’s assistance in finding the best talent continue to be vital. Auto Repair is Recession-Resistant Many dealerships face sales slumps when a downward curve on the economic cycle hits. This doesn’t necessarily apply to automotive service. Customers still need to have their vehicle fixed when a problem occurs; that is why it is important to staff the best technicians [...]

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Retain Your Top Managers Using These Tips

As the costs associated with employee turnover continue to go up, retaining your senior managers and other top talent is essential for a thriving organization. Leaders that make employee retention a priority sooner rather than later benefit from increased performance, higher employee morale, and improved quality of work. But, a growing number of automotive dealers are also searching for innovative ways to survive the corporate brain drain from experienced workers retiring. Even though some natural employee turnover is inevitable regardless of the business, you don’t want it to become an excessive rate. Fortunately, it’s not too late to retain your top managers [...]

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You Have the Power to Prevent Employee Burnout

Toxic work environments usually share at least one thing in common, a high level of employee burnout. But, when businesses start to focus more on employee retention efforts, they begin to realize various exceptional benefits, including increased production, better morale, and reduced costs. Fortunately, you have the power to prevent employee burnout. First, leaders have to be more proactive about looking for the signs and causes of it. Then, you can use some proven strategies to reduce employee stress and retain more of your top performers. Causes of Employee Burnout Research indicates that these are the top five causes of employee burnout: [...]

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Online Buying Can Change Your Dealership

The internet has revolutionized the way consumers search, review, and purchase products. Businesses have met this demand by providing their products online for existing customers and reaching a broader audience of potential clients. Online buying can change your dealership and the way you do business for the better. If your dealership has not yet taken advantage of the benefits of online buying, you should continue reading to learn about the benefits of this shift in business. Both your dealership and your customers would experience many benefits if they embraced the revolutionary trend of offering customers the option of buying online. How Popular [...]

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How to Ensure the Success of New Managers

Management roles can be stressful for even the most seasoned employees. For new managers, the responsibilities of accomplishing department objectives, evaluations, training, and goals can be overwhelming. Managers are expected to delegate tasks effectively, have good people skills, and do well at employee engagement. These skills are linked to employee happiness, which is vital to keeping your business running effectively. We must ensure that we provide the encouragement, support, and tools to ensure the success of new managers. Continue reading to learn the best ways to ensure new management employees are successful. The Importance of a Good Management Team There are many [...]

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