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Recent Car Buyers Are Interested in Home Delivery

Consumers have long railed against the car buying experience. It's no wonder that home delivery has become immensely popular. Buyers pay an agreed-upon price, and the car is delivered to the new owner's home. The consumer doesn't have to navigate the sales lot while avoiding salespersons teeming like sharks in a pool of fresh food. There are no back-and-forth hours-long sales confrontations between the buyer, salesperson, and management. Upselling is a thing of the past. Buyers want honesty, transparency, and customized service that results in in-home delivery. Online showrooms attract buyers quickly Consumers today are busier than ever, balancing the many demands [...]

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How to Spot a Great CFO for Your Auto Dealership Group

Think your dealership group is too small to have a CFO but have accounting needs that are beyond your role as CEO? You may be surprised to learn that the value of having an interim CFO can increase value and reduce cost overall. The right CFO can help you formulate and validate strategies for growth and viability. More than a controller, a CFO provides a financially oriented voice to the owner, CEO, or executive director. They understand the factors that drive the business, risks, and how to create value. The CFO is not just focused on numbers, but rather they partner with [...]

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How Midsize Auto Dealerships Can Compete with the Big Dogs

Midsize dealerships know all too well the challenges today's modern automotive market presents. Consumer buying trends change continuously. To remain competitive, dealerships must adopt new strategies in response to market need. Buyers arrive at your business armed with extensive knowledge because they've done their research. They've likely identified the vehicle they want to purchase, and they know what you're charging for it. They probably researched the market value, as well. You can be sure they've shopped around, checking out the large dealerships, too. How can your midsize auto dealership compete with the big dogs? What's your niche? Because you're a small to [...]

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How to Spot a Great Fixed Operations Director for Your Dealership

Many auto dealers recognize that time is money. When every employee focuses on job performance, businesses operate smoothly – and with a profit. But what happens when employees aren't performing at their peak? And how would you know? Your Fixed Operations Director should know first. Furthermore, if you hired the right person for the job, they would know what to do about it. What should you expect from your Fixed Operations Director? In general, you'll want this employee to: Identify goals and establish the annual fixed operations operating budget Coordinate hiring, training, monitoring, and mentoring Develop positive customer communication strategies Certainly, these [...]

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Communication Is Vital to Successful Dealerships

Successful dealerships do a lot of things right to be successful. Whether you’re coordinating inventory orders, expanding your service department, or initiating a new marketing campaign, your success depends on one thing: communication. Without effective communication processes in place, your business may struggle to survive. You could lose out on sales and repeat service. Eventually, you could even lose customers and your employees. However, if you can master the art of communication, you – and those you hire -- are likely to thrive. 6 Ways Communication Makes Dealerships Successful Communication brings out the best in people because it increases understanding and lessens [...]

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How to Spot a Great Parts Manager for Your Dealership

A skilled parts manager can make your dealership highly successful. Their contributions in managing parts inventory and serving as a liaison between your salespeople and customers are instrumental in generating revenue while keeping costs down. Even when supply chain issues or limited vehicle inventories deplete your projected sales, your service department still operates – often at full capacity. Parts and service departments must stay busy because idle shops don’t make money. Hiring the right auto parts manager keeps your service department working at full capacity. What your Dealership Needs when Hiring a Parts Manager Working in a parts manager position requires no [...]

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