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Anyone running a car dealership today knows that finding good employees is not only incredibly important, but also a constant problem that costs excessive amounts of money and time.

That’s why in 1989, we started a management recruitment service tailored to the exclusive and unique needs of automobile dealers. Through years of operating dealerships, we understand the difficult nature of finding good managers. Our passion for excellence is why we work with dealerships of all sizes, from rural to metro, and why we have so many loyal clients and an impeccable list of references.

How do we find our candidates? To begin, we have thousands of contacts across the nation. We have relationships with quality candidates who have confidence in us to find them great jobs, which is why you will never see us advertise for candidates. By advertising you are forced to sift through underqualified and unreliable candidates. We do the heavy lifting and find the perfect candidates by taking advantage of many years of automotive experience and find you the most successful managers available. Our team of qualified industry experts and our owner’s vast connections contribute to Autopeople’s continued success.

About - Autopeople Automotive Recruiting

Company Leadership

About - Autopeople Automotive Recruiting

David Adragna

CEO & Founder

Through his many years of hiring and managing automotive dealerships and professionals, David will assist you in providing the most qualified candidates available. His expertise is evident in his massive network and ever-growing praise from clients and candidates.

About - Autopeople Automotive Recruiting

Amy Smith

Director of Midwest and Eastern Recruitment

Amy brings 25+ years of experience, expertise and extensive resources specializing in dealer relations, working with single point franchises to multiple store dealer groups, many of which can be found on the Automotive News Top 150 Dealership Group List year-after-year. Amy’s success is credited to her passion for excellence and keen eye for talent. Her unparalleled work ethic and attention to detail make her a key asset in every search, and her years of experience ensure a vast network of stellar candidates for every role.

About - Autopeople Automotive Recruiting

Julia Grace

Executive Recruiter

Julia brings a vast working experience and is a terrific communicator. She has become an expert automotive recruiter and works directly with our clients and candidates. Julia has experience in Business Development and also works well in assisting our clients find exceptional candidates.