Midsize dealerships know all too well the challenges today’s modern automotive market presents. Consumer buying trends change continuously. To remain competitive, dealerships must adopt new strategies in response to market need.

Buyers arrive at your business armed with extensive knowledge because they’ve done their research. They’ve likely identified the vehicle they want to purchase, and they know what you’re charging for it. They probably researched the market value, as well. You can be sure they’ve shopped around, checking out the large dealerships, too.

How can your midsize auto dealership compete with the big dogs?

What’s your niche?

Because you’re a small to midsize dealership, you can’t be everything to everyone.

Fortunately, if you’ve identified who your perfect customer is, you can target everything you do to take care of that person’s needs when it comes to buying and servicing a vehicle. For example, if you cater to growing families looking to upgrade their car, you focus on what matters to this group: size, reliability, warranties, and financing.

That alone, however, is not enough to catapult you ahead of the competition.

It would help if you had a strategy that would make you stand out.

5 strategies for midsize automotive dealerships

Don’t get left out. Larger dealerships are already taking advantage of marketing and staffing strategies that appeal to consumers. Regardless of your dealership size, you can do the same thing with these five strategies.

  1. Shine a light on what you do well. Build your brand and promote it consistently. Remember your niche? Showcase what makes you stand out from other dealers.
  2. Provide for consumer needs. Although it’s difficult with limited availability, do everything you can to keep best sellers in stock.
  3. Once consumers purchase a vehicle, they’ve got to care for it. Help them with routine maintenance by having your service department reach out regarding a regular maintenance schedule.
  4. Go digital and leave traditional marketing behind. Today’s buyers search for their vehicles online. Market your vehicles online by posting high-quality pictures and relevant information tagged with SEO. Finally, create a way for consumers to contact you through the website.

Hire the best staff you can find. Consumers will return to do business with you if they feel your staff cares about them. Your sales team must be good communicators with expert listening skills, and your service department must take exceptional care of the vehicle. Turn to a recruiter to help you hire the best in the industry.

Big dealerships don’t have the corner on modern marketing trends. Whether your midsize auto dealership is experiencing growing pains or you’re ready to up your game, it’s time to go big. Change your strategy, and you’ll change your presence in the dealership marketplace.

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