The automotive industry is currently navigating through a dynamic landscape, especially when it comes to hiring. The past few years have brought significant shifts in the job market, and as we continue into 2024, these trends show no signs of slowing down.

The beginning of this year highlights three critical challenges that automotive dealerships and manufacturers must address to ensure operational efficiency and competitive advantage. These challenges include the shortage of qualified managers for all departments, persistently high turnover rates, and the presence of good candidates in the market at this time of year.

To overcome these hurdles, partnering with a specialized automotive recruiter like Autopeople can be a strategic move for dealerships aiming to secure top talent and enhance customer satisfaction.

Shortage of Qualified Managers for All Departments

The automotive industry is facing a significant challenge in filling managerial positions across various departments. This shortage is attributed to a combination of factors, including the rapid evolution of the industry and the specialized skill sets required for these roles.

The scarcity of skilled workers is a major obstacle, as the industry demands professionals with expertise in automotive engineering, manufacturing, design, and technology. To address this issue, dealerships need to adopt innovative recruitment strategies and consider partnering with educational institutions to develop talent pipelines.

Turnover Remains High

Employee turnover has been a longstanding issue in the automotive sector, with rates exceeding 40% at car dealerships. This high turnover not only disrupts operations but also incurs significant costs for businesses. The reasons behind this trend include demanding work schedules, lack of work-life balance, and competition for skilled professionals.

To mitigate turnover, automotive companies must implement retention strategies that focus on creating a supportive work environment, offering competitive benefits, and providing opportunities for growth and development.

Good Candidates are in the Market This Time of Year

Q2 is an opportune time for automotive dealerships to attract top talent. Many qualified candidates are actively seeking new opportunities during this period, making it crucial for dealerships to streamline their recruitment processes and enhance their employer branding. Leveraging technology in hiring, such as AI-powered platforms for candidate sourcing and applicant tracking systems, can improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and help dealerships stand out in a competitive job market.

The Role of Automotive Recruiters

In the face of these hiring challenges, working with a specialized automotive recruiter like Autopeople can be a game-changer for dealerships.

Autopeople’s deep understanding of the automotive industry and its different departments enables them to identify and attract the right candidates for each role. By partnering with a recruiter, dealerships can save time and resources in the hiring process, ensuring that they have a skilled and motivated team in place. This, in turn, leads to improved customer treatment and repeat business, creating a win-win situation for both the dealership and its clients.


The automotive industry’s hiring landscape in 2024 is marked by significant challenges. To navigate these challenges effectively, automotive dealerships must adopt innovative recruitment strategies, focus on employee retention, and consider partnering with specialized recruiters. By addressing these issues head-on, dealerships can build a strong team that drives operational success and customer satisfaction in the competitive automotive market.

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