Toxic work environments usually share at least one thing in common, a high level of employee burnout. But, when businesses start to focus more on employee retention efforts, they begin to realize various exceptional benefits, including increased production, better morale, and reduced costs. Fortunately, you have the power to prevent employee burnout. First, leaders have to be more proactive about looking for the signs and causes of it. Then, you can use some proven strategies to reduce employee stress and retain more of your top performers.

Causes of Employee Burnout

Research indicates that these are the top five causes of employee burnout:

  • Unfair treatment at work – Can be everything from employee favoritism to inconsistent compensation.
  • Unmanageable workload – Overworked employees report feeling suffocated.
  • Unclear communication from managers – Employees get frustrated when managers fail to discuss responsibilities and priorities.
  • Lack of manager support – Negligent managers, are a common cause of employee burnout.
  • Unreasonable time pressure – Time pressure in the workplace leads to more stress.

These are some things that can cause employees to feel exhausted and mentally distant from their jobs. Then, it starts to impact your bottom line through more sick days, reduced productivity, higher turnover, etc. That’s why it’s so essential to prevent employee burnout.

 Managers Are the First Line of Defense

A positive employee experience starts with managers setting clear expectations and promoting teamwork. First, you have to empower them with the right resources and education. Then, you can put them in a better position to provide employees with the coaching they need by reassigning some of their administrative responsibilities. A manager’s primary focus should always be on the employees. Automotive recruiters also have the power to prevent employee burnout by helping you hire great managers that create positive work environments. Finally, remember that managers are more susceptible to burnout than their employees. Leaders can help managers overcome burnout by checking in regularly and providing prospective candidates with realistic job previews.

 Improve the Employee Experience

Too many businesses today only focus on the customer experience. It’s still essential to get right, but you stand to lose just as much if not more with a bad employee experience. Again, you have the power to transform this by leveraging human behavior insights instead of only focusing on the processes. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with having an efficient hiring process, but employee success is typically dependent on being hired for the proper position. So, how will you know when to improve the employee experience? You can gather feedback from employees through group surveys, one-on-one meetings, etc., to identify any concerns that need to be addressed.

Employee burnout is something that can quickly spread throughout an organization and destroy a positive work culture. You have the power to prevent it by knowing what causes it, recognizing its symptoms, and using these strategies.

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