Industry experts suggest that the demand for master automotive technicians will soon exceed the supply, and by the year 2026, there will be a need for more than 76,000 new mechanics. As a priority for all auto dealerships, the reasons to seek a recruiter’s assistance in finding the best talent continue to be vital.

Auto Repair is Recession-Resistant

Many dealerships face sales slumps when a downward curve on the economic cycle hits. This doesn’t necessarily apply to automotive service. Customers still need to have their vehicle fixed when a problem occurs; that is why it is important to staff the best technicians for your dealership to prove reputation and quality standards.

When many other industries experience stagnant growth during periods of economic uncertainty, auto repair spending typically remains steady because it’s still the main form of transportation in the U.S. Even though it might not be entirely recession-proof, it’s more resistant than others as people hold on to their cars longer and require maintenance from master auto technicians to keep them on the road.

Blue-Collar Worker Shortages

Along with most other blue-collar jobs, the auto repair industry continues to experience significant worker shortages resulting in high demand for master mechanics. Therefore, using a recruiter can circumvent the time and money needed to locate top technicians available on the job market.

Hosting a job fair is also a great way to access the job market in your area for talent. Such events give an opportunity to meet possible candidates and pre-screen them to see if they would be a good fit for your particular location and if they would fit into the work culture and environment.

Repair shop owners are encouraged to partner with automotive training schools, vo-techs, etc., to offer apprenticeships and employee training programs to recruit more workers from this pool of candidates. Offering incentives like paid on the job training and continued education benefits can also entice new hires to join your workforce, as many see those extra perks as a reason to pick one employer over another.

Don’t settle for Second Best

One of the best reasons to seek a recruiter’s assistance when finding a master automotive technician is because of the vast network of talent and know-how a staffing agency holds when seeking qualified help in filling particular vacancies in employment. Most recruiters have access to a nationwide database of talent with very specific details on a viable candidates’ work history and background, allowing them to make a precise match in connecting the best talent to your dealerships’ needs.

This would amount to countless hours of searching and screening by your staff in order to fill the gap in employment that could be used for other productive tasks. In addition, since a recruiter is familiar with a candidate’s work history, this would reduce the risk of hiring someone that later down the line would become burdensome to your organization. Recruiting agencies to value their reputation just as you do as a dealership group.

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