So your dealership is on the quest for a new General Sales Manager. Or maybe your Service Manager moved out of state. The big question is, how do you replace these key players in the most effective way? You’ve looked internally and you’ve decided that you need to expand your search. Do you post an ad or get help from a management recruiter?

There are plenty of free places to post an ad online. But that’s part of the problem. It’s the world wide web. You have to hope that the right candidates are looking at the website you’ve posted on the first day or two you’ve placed your ad. Otherwise you get lost in the fray and you have to pray that candidates are patient enough to go through a couple job listing pages to see your ad.

Or you can pay for placement on a website. But again, you are hoping to have a chance encounter with a candidate that fits your needs, lives in your vicinity, and is actively looking for a job. If you’re ok with waiting it out and rolling the dice, that’s always a possibility too.

Then there’s bringing Autopeople on to help refine and expand your search. As an automotive management recruiter, we do the hard work for you. We hunt for those candidates that aren’t searching every website. And we even have relationships with some talented individuals who are still employed but are open to new possibilities.

You might be under the impression that a recruiter might be too expensive. But in reality, automotive management recruiters, like recruiters in other industries, have become almost a necessity. Our business depends on us matching the right talent to fit the needs of your dealership. We have a proven track record with over a 95% offer-to-acceptance rate. And 73% of the candidates we’ve placed are still with the same company 5 years later.

So when you’re ready to have the recruitment team at Autopeople in your corner, give us a call at 1-800-659-9501, visit our website at or email us to discuss what Autopeople can do for you.