Hiring great candidates in the automotive industry is a strategic maneuver of epic proportions. You’ll succeed if you include all the correct variables, especially when seeking employees in today’s talent market.

AutoSuccess says “Attracting and retaining top talent involves everything from recruiting and hiring, to compensation and benefits, to training and rewarding staff members. While the following strategies may seem daunting, they are essential for dealers to succeed.”

The job market offers many exciting opportunities, but most candidates don’t consider the auto dealership among their top choices. It’s up to the dealerships and recruiters to identify the best talent and bring them in for a rewarding career.

That brings us to two critical questions: Who are the candidates? How can you attract and retain them?

Great candidates in the auto dealership share these traits 

Successful candidates have demonstrated that they have similar characteristics, and these traits are well-suited to the automotive industry:

  • A great candidate will be a tremendous conversationalist: interesting to talk to and a good listener — perfect for dealing with customers.
  • They put in the effort to know about the dealership and the vehicles you sell and service.
  • Thinking on their feet comes easy to them.
  • You’ll be greeted right away when they come to the interview.
  • They seek to build relationships by reaching out and staying in touch.
  • A positive attitude is one of their most appealing attributes; you’ll find it contagious.
  • They have integrity, and they treat sales with transparency.
  • Good grooming, professional attire, and timeliness are vital to them.
  • They advocate for their customers.

Of course, the candidates are looking for great employers.

Your role in attracting, hiring, and retaining your best employees

It’s essential to hire for fit and plan for retention. Hiring the wrong candidate can be an incredibly costly mistake. At an estimated loss of tens of thousands per employee, the expense of a failed hire adds up quickly. It’s just as devastating when an employee decides you’re not the right fit. Dealerships can do better with retention when they know exactly what they are looking for. Maintain your competitive edge by knowing how to spot a top candidate, and you’ll attract top talent to your dealership. Even better, they’ll stay with you for the long run.

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