According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US still has a very low unemployment rate of 3.8 percent for March. A tight labor market probably means you’re having a difficult time filling open management positions at your dealership. And unless you’re looking outside conventional channels and at people who aren’t even seeking jobs in your area, then you’re probably missing out on some fantastic potential talent. A recruiter, like Autopeople, watches trends, listens to what’s happening in the industry and adapts to the changing needs of our clients.

It’s no secret that women have become a large part of the workforce and tapping into their potential is a sound business decision. During the National Automotive Dealers Association NADA) convention, participants were encouraged to use #WomeninAutomotive across social media to highlight the contributions of women who work in sales, service, manufacturing, management, and who own dealership groups. NADA invited participants to share video clips of their experience in the automotive industry.

NADA’s social media experiment highlighted what statistics have been showing every year. Women dominate the consumer market but are yet to make a dent in automotive jobs.

  • More women have driver’s licenses than men.
  • Women make eighty-five percent of car buying decisions for a family.
  • Women make sixty-eight percent of vehicles purchases.

So, if you haven’t taken a step toward hiring women to work in your dealership, you’re missing out on a hugely untapped market.

Autopeople can help you full those key management positions with qualified individuals that might not even be on your radar. Autopeople’s recruiting services will turn over every rock, seek out unconventional managers, and find excellent candidates to help build on and improve your dealership. At Autopeople we understand the importance of finding the right managers to motivate and create a successful business.

At Autopeople, we create personal relationships with dealers and job seekers and work diligently to match the best people for open positions. As a recruiter, we know if we don’t succeed, then you won’t succeed so it’s in our best interest to find only the best candidates to meet your needs.

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