The internet has revolutionized the way consumers search, review, and purchase products. Businesses have met this demand by providing their products online for existing customers and reaching a broader audience of potential clients. Online buying can change your dealership and the way you do business for the better.

If your dealership has not yet taken advantage of the benefits of online buying, you should continue reading to learn about the benefits of this shift in business. Both your dealership and your customers would experience many benefits if they embraced the revolutionary trend of offering customers the option of buying online.

How Popular is Online Car Buying?

According to ABC, due to COVID-19, nearly 30% of car purchases in 2020 were made online. This is a massive spike in the previous year’s sector of only 2%. People feel safer buying from home. Not only safer, but it has become second nature after ordering their products from home for so long during the pandemic.

Technology has made online car buying a reality. This shift to online buying is a positive move for car dealerships. Recent trends show that those who don’t offer this option will quickly fall behind in the automotive business.

Here are some benefits of online buying:

Better Reputation

Customers are unhappy when they waste an entire day at a car dealership, often leaving without purchasing a vehicle. Instead of spending the whole day visiting care dealerships, customers can buy cars from the comfort of their homes. Happy customers also leave positive reviews, bring more traffic to your dealership site, and reach a broader range of potential buyers.

Smarter Way to Do Business

By implementing an online buying experience, customers can enter all their information online on their own time, not yours. This includes their financial information, credit history for financing, down payment, and trade-in specifics. Not only does this save time, but think of the money saved when you can determine client eligibility virtually, without wasting employee resources.

Customers who do not qualify will also be happier, as they will be informed they are not eligible without wasting time at the dealership.

Delivery Makes Customers Happy

We are in an age where consumers seek availability, ease, and convenience. Everything is done on the internet; people have groceries delivered, home goods, and automobiles. By providing them the experience of purchasing a vehicle and delivering it right to their door, your dealership satisfies this expectation.

Customers That Visit In-Person are There to Buy

The customers that do visit your dealership will be there with the intent to buy. This is because they were able to review the stock, inventory, and financial information online. This gave them the resources to know what vehicles they are interested in purchasing and what they may qualify to buy. As a result, your employee resources are put to good use and sales are likely to occur.

Online Buying Results in High Customer Satisfaction

In 2020, when 30% of car sells were made online, more buyers than ever before reported that they were satisfied with their transactions. Buyers reported that the experience took less time and was more efficient.

Dealerships reported more sales, yet a decrease in visits and time spent with customers face-to-face.

Transitioning to Online Buying

After you make the move to online buying, you will still need qualified, experienced employees to ensure that this transition goes smoothly. Good employees are the key to ensuring success for your dealership.

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