This time of a year, dealerships get busy. New models are being released and the push to sell last year’s models becomes a necessity to make space available for the vehicles with the latest technologies. It’s not a good time to be to be without great leadership.

But human resources is bogged down with worrying about staffing due to holiday vacations and illnesses brought on by the latest strain of viruses. Not to mention the added stress of being responsible for benefits renewals that need to get done as the year ends. Just the regular job duties of the human resources department might make the difficult process of hiring an even more daunting affair.

So what do you when you feel overwhelmed and need to get things done? The answer is simple, you seek out specialized assistance to handle specific jobs.

With a call or email to a recruiter such as AutoPeople, you can get that extra pair of hands you need to network, screen, and negotiate with potential management candidates. Recruiters are proactive in their search for qualified individuals. At Autopeople, we are constantly scouring the country for top talent. We have a beat on those managers and know who will fit into your dealership philosophy. This is just one way we can save you time.

The job market is very tight, so truly qualified candidates are seeing multiple offers. This is another reason to have Autopeople help find your next manager. We know what jobs are available in which markets and have a feel for what might entice someone to choose your dealership over another offer. And we also may be able to help close the deal with candidates you really want. Often times candidates will let a recruiter know what they need to get a deal done but may not say it to an employer directly.

And unlike human resources, whose time is split between many different needs, Autopeople is never too busy to look beyond simple channels to seek qualified individuals. Is it time to hiring a helping hand? Visit our website at, call 1-800-659-9501 or email me at to see if a recruiter is right for you.