Job hopping has become a common occurrence in the automotive industry.


In fact, According LinkedIn’s 2022 research, U.S. workers who changed their jobs increased 37% in 2021. Generation Z workers — those born in 1997 or later — were the “most restless,” according to the report.


However, while the reasons for job hopping might be valid, dealerships (and most employers) still prefer candidates with stable job histories. In this article, we discuss the importance of avoiding job hopping in the auto industry and provide tips on how to foster a stable job history.


Why Dealerships Prefer Stable Job Histories

Stable job histories are valuable to dealerships because they show that a candidate can stick with a place and make an impact. Frequent job changes can be seen as a red flag, indicating a lack of commitment and dedication.


According to Amy Zimmerman, Chief People Officer at Relay Payments, “[Job hopping] sends quite a few negative signals … It tells me that if the going gets tough, you get going.”


Reasons for Job Hopping

Some of the reasons for job hopping in the auto industry include:

  • a lack of growth opportunities,
  • a toxic work environment,
  • low pay.

However, job hopping may not always be the best solution to these issues.


Do This Instead of Job Hopping

There are several ways to avoid job hopping in the auto industry, including seeking out growth opportunities within your current company, being proactive about addressing issues, and considering the overall benefits that the company provides.


Working in a toxic environment can be detrimental to your mental health and well-being. Instead of leaving the company, try being proactive about addressing the issues at hand and seeking out solutions together with your manager or HR representative.


Low pay is a common reason why people job hop. However, negotiating with your employer for a raise or seeking out additional compensation through bonuses or commission may be a better solution than leaving the company solely because of pay.


Overcoming Adversity: Finding Solutions Rather Than Running Away

Although it’s understandable to blame previous teams or managers for job hopping, it’s important to power through adversity and find solutions rather than keep skipping around and having your resume filled with job hopping.


Demonstrating your commitment and dedication to your employer can set you apart from other job candidates and increase your chances of securing a job in the auto industry. Working through any issues you’re facing, finding growth opportunities, and being proactive can demonstrate your problem-solving skills and dedication to the company.



The automotive industry values stable job histories, and job hopping can be detrimental to your career in the long run. By fostering a stable job history, you can demonstrate your commitment, dedication, and problem-solving skills, setting yourself up for success in the auto industry.


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