To be a successful automotive dealership, you need more than a great product to sell. Like the vehicles reflecting the latest auto trends on your lot, your dealership is the sum of many parts that work well together. The synergy can be magical, and your customers can tell when every department works in synch.

That’s why they’ll continue to buy and sell with you, rely on your service department, and return again and again when new transportation needs arise.

But what happens when you seem stuck with the status quo by maintaining your sales and service record but not growing the way you want? It may be time to up the ante and master every phase of dealership management.

Unleashing growth at your dealership requires taking a hard look at how you do business now and exploring which areas will benefit from a change.

The 3 Top Tips Countdown for Unleashing Growth at Your Dealership

Unleashing growth at your dealerships comes down to simple strategies: sell more, service efficiently, and focus on acquiring and retaining top talent.

  1. Become efficient in every department. Know how many prospects your sales reps must connect with each month based on their lead-to-negotiation ratio. Calculate the cost of not only labor and the parts up-charge for shipping and stocking in your inventory. If your employees don’t understand what you mean by “increase sales” or “reduce overhead,” teach them how to reduce expenses while maximizing profit.
  2. Make your marketing do the heavy lifting. No one cares about the great cars you’re selling if they don’t know about them. Same thing with the service department. Drill down to determine which media funnels the most sales to your automotive dealership. If it’s TV spots, focus on those. If it’s website sales, beef up this area by adding videos or a 24/7 chat service.
  3. Retain your current employees. Involve them in decision-making by getting their opinions about company processes or the benefits they’d appreciate. Surprisingly, it’s seldom salary. Flex schedules and corporate culture matter greatly. Talk with them one-on-one or conduct an anonymous survey.

As simple as they sound, implementing these three tips can be difficult. However, they can make a profound difference in unleashing growth at your dealership and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

One more tip could make all the difference in your dealership’s growth:

  • Use a recruiter to find top talent. Unleashing growth at your dealership is a team effort. Your recruiter can help you find the talent you’re looking for, schedule them for interviews, and help with the hiring process — leaving you time to focus on the other areas needing your attention.

That’s where the magic is in unleashing growth at your dealership!

How Can We Help You?

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