Management roles can be stressful for even the most seasoned employees. For new managers, the responsibilities of accomplishing department objectives, evaluations, training, and goals can be overwhelming. Managers are expected to delegate tasks effectively, have good people skills, and do well at employee engagement. These skills are linked to employee happiness, which is vital to keeping your business running effectively.

We must ensure that we provide the encouragement, support, and tools to ensure the success of new managers. Continue reading to learn the best ways to ensure new management employees are successful.

The Importance of a Good Management Team

There are many reasons that a business must choose the right candidates for its management team. Bad managers can cause many issues, including financial losses if allowed to do so. According to Forbes, here are some consequences of a bad management team:

  •       79% of employees who quit their jobs say that their employer/management team did not appreciate them. Only 12% leave for pay-related reasons.
  •       30% of employees say that their managers are not good at team-building activities.
  •       18% of employees say that they receive no feedback from their managers.
  •       Nearly 40% of employees say that they only see their manager weekly.

These statistics remind us of the importance of our management teams’ competence and performance and the importance of the employees that work under them.

5 Ways to Help a New Manager Succeed

Educate and Encourage

Be sure that your new manager is given all the resources to fulfill their position successfully. They must also understand all the roles and responsibilities that they are expected to complete. Also, let them know the importance of their job responsibilities and how they contribute to the company on a larger level.

Assign a Mentor

Ensure that your new manager has people, or even a specific person, to reach out for questions or help in their new position. This person should welcome the manager to seek their guidance so they do not feel intimidated by asking for help.


Good communication is critical for a new member of management. If the manager does not feel confident and comfortable communicating, then any number of issues could arise. Encourage good communication.

Allow Them the Opportunity to Step Up

Some new managers have the experience and ability to set up and prove themselves capable. Many are just apprehensive as to how you want them to behave. For this reason, you should make it apparent that you want the new manager to set up and prove themselves. Give them a task and step back; they may impress you with their performance.

Recruit Only the Best Employees

Recruiting new managers can be a stressful and cumbersome task. Rather than attempt to force an incompetent manager into becoming successful, start with a reputable candidate who possesses the potential to succeed.

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