Recruiters have been around throughout history. The need for a recruiter was often brought about by war. They helped to fill open jobs after young men went off into military service and to fill newly created positions that supported the war effort. Recruiting has gone from merely finding new talent by word of mouth to advertisements in newspapers and on bulletin boards to a job listing on the computer.

But with the technological advancements of the last 40 years comes new challenges. From the first online chatrooms to online job boards to the aggregate job advertising sites that just pulled jobs from other sources on the internet, it certainly has made it easier to find talent all over the world. But it’s also made finding great candidates who can fulfill your vision a more daunting endeavor.

So why consider a recruiter now with all the available channels at your disposal?

Ahhh…because the one thing a recruiter has is the time and resources to match the right management candidates with an opportunity that will be beneficial for the dealership and the candidate.

What the above-mentioned online job sites lack is the ability to get to know someone’s personality. And after all, a dealership relies heavily on customer service to attract new and retain customers from vehicle purchase to routine maintenance to repair. So, finding a terrific candidate that makes a good impression and strives for excellent customer service is of utmost importance. A recruiter, like Autopeople, can do the leg work, make an initial assessment, and get a sense if a management candidate might be a good fit.

Another great attribute of recruiters is we offer a unique insight into passive job-seeking management professionals who might be open to discussing new possibilities if the right opportunity presents itself. These professionals can be the hidden gems that, as a dealership, you might have missed because they do not generally respond to job postings.

At Autopeople, we have talked to thousands of dealership owners and managers across the country. We pride ourselves on the ability to get to know people. And we have a vested interest in finding excellent management to help grow your business. So if you’re looking to find the top-notch candidates, give Autopeople a call. We’re ready to take the time to find management that’s focused on your needs. Visit our website at, call 1-800-659-9501 or email me at Or…better yet, call me personally at 650-808-7066. David Adragna